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Price list in Hotel Vydra

Rates are valid only if booked for a minimum of two nights, possibility of booking for one night with extra charge +250 CZK person/night.

Single room
Standard with shower

550 CZK

price per room / night

Double room

1100 CZK

price per room / night

Triple room
with bathroom

1650 CZK

price per room / night

Quadruple room
with private bathroom

2200 CZK

price per room / night

Family room
with two bathrooms

3300 CZK

price per room / night


1600 CZK

price per room / night


1600 CZK

price per room / night

Lounge room

1000 CZK

price per night

including tap for 12" Pilsen
(possibility to tap separately for a fee of 250 CZK)

The whole hotel
even with Formankou

35 000 Kč

price per night (min. 2, negotiable)

Option with professional kitchen
40 000 Kč (Access Kettering or professionals.)

There is one shared kitchen for all guests. The shared kitchen on the ground floor has an electric oven, two induction hobs and two dishwashers. For added convenience, you can book a room with its own kitchenette called a Studio.

The charge to the city for accommodation is for each day of stay, is set at 35 CZK per night/person.

Children under 18 years of age do not pay this fee. The fee is payable separately to the room rate. For each pet (at the guest's responsibility) there is a one-time fee of 250 CZK.

Departure time is 10 am. Arrival from 15:00 to 20:00.

For more information, please visit "Information".